Jordy Sánchez - Surf To Go

Inc. Collaboration with Ennio Skoto



Born and raised in a culture where music is life, Jordy Sanchez has managed to transform the Dominican Republic’s essence into music. Beautiful sunsets, scenic beaches, warm breezes, and laid-back bohemian lifestyles made into sounds. A highly creative producer, able to blow away the most refined ears with carefully selected minimal sounds on top of soul touching bass lines.

Opening things with a deep, but irresistibly tight rhythm, ‘Surf to go’ sets a delightful tone that pervades the entire release. Next up, ‘Inappropriate’ is a track that beckons listeners with dreamy pads and embracing bass. The Dominican star Ennio Skoto joins the third track called ‘Clouds’ with a hypnotic collaboration for certain to take dance-floors to the other dimension.